The Patens


 Patens Patent No.
 A method to produce sec-butyl acetate using acetic acid and n-butene 200710098696.6
 A method to produce nano-zinc oxide 201010175683.6

 A continuous catalytic rectification sythesis process to produce diethoxy-


 A catalyst production and its application for bimethyl 1,3-dioxane hydrogen-ation to produce monohydric alcohol and dihydric alcohol 201110458023.3
 A method to synthesis 1,3-dioxane 201110458019.7
 A method to produce 1,5-diamino decahydronaphthalene by 1,5-diaminona-phthalene hydrogenation 201210079664.2
 A synthesis method to produce Sec-butyl Methoxyacetate